halal Dim Sum

DIm Sum ?? mende tuh?

Thats was my questions (dulu dulu ) when i heard chinese fren were telling they are going to eat... in my mind was thinkig own makanan org cine la tu..mane leh mkn..heheh (typical me)..one day i was designated to complete my internship in one of Hotel in KL - Quality Hotel to be exact & they do serve Dim Sum & its halal!!!

i did tried one but i don like it...haha...maybe knowing me never eat others then i have eaten so i tried (buat buat try) & just had a bite n thats it......

Well time pass by...1 day mama ajak makan kat carefour...& she suddenly wanna try out the Dim SUm at JOM BALI restaurant. Me showing my muka ketat not liking the idea but came along following her butt since he wanted to eat. So i tried one...the prawn Dim sum ...it was nice. well to tell u the truth i think i taste the prawn more...so i didnt have the different taste.. mkan cicah wit the cili sos & soy source make it more umph...anyhow....im not saying im love with the dim sum but at least i don have to make my muka ketat whenever i saw it....

If i feel to have it , i will ask dear to bring us to Uptown hawkers & it is there....or kalau nk up sikit..u may go to JOM BALI restaurant ..more or less the taste quite d same to me....

Vege Macaroni

Lagi satu mummy nk kasi....Yes this also taken from the Group semi solid...

Vege macaroni..


1. Rebus macaroni sampai kembang dan lembut
2. steam broccoli dan carrot
3. grind semua bahan guna grinder atau blender.
4. campurkan skali air steam broccoli + carrot tadi... sikit je
letak unsalted sikit bg creamy....wallla...pix xtau mana p...maybe in my TAB ...so nanti kite hupload k

We can always experiment with baby foods...as long as its healthy & in good combination....

pasta wiv white sauce

Owh ramai yg tanye camne nk masak ni..since i luv posting bout what i cook for adelya........so here were go...the recipe was taken from group semi solid in FB....but i have to modified here n there to adapt with what adelya can take at her current age

pasta dgn white sauce (pasta dgn sos putih) for 8 month & above

bahan sos:
# 2 sudu besar butter (minyak sayuran pun bole)  - i used unsalted butter 2 cube
# 1/2 biji bawang besar (dicincang halus utk tekstur) - Used Holland onion..chopped small
# 1 sudu besar tepung gandum -
# 1/2 sudu kecil daun parsli kering (herb lain pun boleh) -  xde ni kat umah so put bit of oregano...to make it smell nice
# 1 cawan susu segar (or more if nk lebih cair) - Since adelya since below 1Y...i used her FM on this....can also use BM but wait until everything cook then baru letak)
# Secubit lada hitam - I omit this...baby x mkn lagi..

U can also add on more ingredients to make it tasty& colorful

minced chicken

How to?
1. panaskan butter/minyak. goreng bwg hingga layu.
2. masukkan tepung gandum dan kacau hingga tepung melekat di bawang.
3. masukkan bahan2 lain sambil kacau2, hingga didih. tutup api.