De' Templer restaurant

Wah lame nye x update....ok this time nk story bout this Chinese Muslim restaurant.....Its located between MRR2 highway (towards to UIA)...everyday we passed by this restaurant n hoping we could dine in one fine day.....So one day dad decided to go out n have dinner...(i think this is due to one special function but knowing me kan i will Forgot whut is it about) here we are finally.

Overall the foods were great, even-though its bit pricey but its worth to try especially the ginger onion beef. The beef was so tender (kalau kat kedai lain feels like eating chewing gum okeyh)....& the kangkung belacan was so green & fresh...(kat kedai lain lebih byk batang & colornye brownish rite?)

One good thing bout the restaurant is they have one surau for their kalau rasa solat nk terlajak tu sile la ke surau..heheh...But the cons is they only accept cash..imagine if you dtg ramai2 kan...& order a lots of meals...menggunung la duit nk bg kat cashier kan......We gave our feedback bout it to the owner n they said they still working on to have the credit machine...hope they already have by now....

we ordered
Apple Asam Boi RM 4
Lemon Tea RM 3.50
Ice Tea RM 3.50
Rice RM 1.50 (per head)
Kangkung Belacan (Medium) RM 12
Telur Dadar RM 6
Ginger Onion Beef (M) RM 24
Siakap 3 rasa RM39
Tomyam Seafood (M) RM 22
Steam Bean Curd Soya RM 6

No 17G & 19G,
Jalan Melati Utama 4,
Melati Utama,
53100 Setapak
Kuala lumpur

Tel: 03 - 4105 8000


izfanora said...

skali bc tajuk, cm jln templer kt petaling jaya tmpt i der skrg jer.. tercuak skjp.. :)

PrincessLeo said...

Heheh....same name but tempat lain ....try foods kat sini